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We are the Largest Private Hire Operator in East London and within Greater London we are ranked within the top ten Independent Private Hire Companies. At Bailey Gardiner Cars we operate an extensive range of modern vehicles ranging from Saloon Cars, Estate's and MPV's.

Our current fleet size is in excess of 400 vehicles and we offer a comprehensive range of transport solutions to both our Private and Corporate clients. Our modern fleet of vehicles are fully equipped with the latest in Transportation Dispatch Technology, Satellite Navigation and Air Conditioning to ensure your total comfort and safety.

We work in close partnership with Autocab, one of the World’s Market Leader in Transportation Dispatch Technology.

Behind The Scenes - Your Very First Booking.

When you first telephone our call centre and speak with one of our dedicated customer service consultants, your details are automatically captured by our computerised dispatch system. 

Your name, telephone number, initial pickup and drop off locations are all captured and stored safely and securely within our system, ready for the next time you telephone our call centre.

Subsequent Bookings.

On your return telephone call, the system automatically displays details of your previous booking, by having this information instantly to hand the consultant can easily manipulate this information quickly and efficiently, thus reducing your time on the telephone.

Our system always ensures that your booking details are captured and recorded accurately which in turn allows getting a vehicle to you in the least time possible.

How It All Works - GPS Tracking

Each Bailey Gardiner Car is fitted with a GPS enabled mobile data unit. Drivers receive details of their bookings on the mobile unit, including your name, telephone number, pick up and drop of locations.

This information is updated live on our system where our controllers can monitor the progress of each and every booking, including the exact location of each vehicle.

How We Keep You Safe - SMS Text Messaging

We send each of our clients a SMS text message informing them when their vehicle has arrived at their location. The text message includes the vehicles registration number, make and model, so that our clients, especially lone females can identify their vehicle, safe in the knowledge that they are boarding the right vehicle.  

Meet The Team - Our Drivers

At Bailey Gardiner Cars our drivers are virtually handpicked, we have a dedicated in-house driver team whose sole purpose is to ensure that our drivers possess all the relevant knowledge and training to ensure you, our client receives a dedicated first class door to door service.

In addition to our drivers receiving a comprehensive level of training, each driver is vetted by the Criminal Records Bureau for your complete peace of mind and our drivers are required at all times to wear a Public Carriage Office issued Identification badge.

You will find our drivers presented in a shirt and trouser with a clean and modern vehicle ready to transfer you safely and efficiently to the destination of your choice 24 Hours Per Day, Seven Days A Week, 365 Days A Year.

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