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Chip n Pin

At Bailey Gardiner we listen to our customer’s feedback, and perpetually refine and enhance our resources with the latest technological advances. Subsequently we have found our customers remain loyal, and also recommend us to their friends and business colleagues.

One of our newest innovations Chip and Pin offers our customers much more flexibility and choice in how they pay.

No need for cash

With Bailey Gardiner’s Chip and Pin facility we can offer our customers a flexible and simple payment process.

No longer do you have to ensure you have the correct amount of cash before a minicab journey.

No longer do you have to worry about conversion rates and handling foreign currency after landing in an alien country. Bailey Gardiner Chip and Pin allows you to pay by

credit card just as you would at any high street shop or retail outlet.

Ease of payment while travelling on business

Now you can enjoy travelling in London without the stress of carrying, or topping up with extra British currency.

There is no need to have to budget for your taxi with your spare cash on that big night out. It is also especially important for businessmen and businesswomen making regular corporate trips to have the flexibility of using a business account instead of their own cash.

100% guaranteed security

It is safer than carrying a lot of cash around. And you can be comfortable in the knowledge that Bailey Gardiner Chip and Pin service is 100% guaranteed and secure probably the most secure way of making a payment.

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